Saturday 19 May 2007

UK MPs and freedom of information

Having been able to feel smug ever since Chief Thief Chirac passed some decree or other to prevent French judges (equivalent to the CPS or Crown Office in Britain) criminally investigating any French president while he/she is in office merely to protect himself from an ongoing investigation into the embezzlement of party funds and creation of fictitious jobs at the Paris city hall (gosh long phrase), I know need to help myself to some humble pie. Ah yes, in my land of birth the representatives of the people decided yesterday that they didn't have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act because ... well, because why?

Some I must say lame attempts to excuse the outrage by saying that it would prevent confidential details of constituents' affairs being released. But surely that's what the Data Protection Act is supposed to do?

This disgraceful exercise just tramples over an already fragile piece of legislation. I'm disgusted that the people who are supposed to work for "us" think they can choose to place themselves above the law as it applies to everyone else. It's a slippery slope they embark upon.

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