Sunday 6 May 2007

Hubby back to work

Hubby's arrêt maladie runs out tonight. Because Tuesday is a(nother) public holiday, he'll be going back to work on Wednesday. I was initially unsure about him going back to work, but in the last ten days or so his energy levels have gone up hugely and he's managing to get around on the crutches a lot better than he had been doing. He's even been upstairs a couple of times (goes up and down the stairs on his bum!).

Hubby has an office job, where he sits on his backside for most of the day, just like nearly everyone else with an office job. So going back to work will mean that instead of sitting in our house and playing that stupid computer game, he'll be sitting in the office and doing stats in Access and Excel. Lucky him.

Seen from this angle, I have no real and serious objections to him going back to work. If he finds it too difficult and he's too tired and sore after his first day, on Wednesday evening we'll go back to the doc and get another sick line. When push comes to shove, he is a grown up and he can decide these matters for himself. I know he emailed the surgeon, who said there was no medical reason why he couldn't go back, and that he should just be sure he kept his foot up all day.

Of course, his meddling mother cannot accept that Hubby has decided against what she has decided. She keeps calling him and nagging him, "oh you mustn't go back to work, I don't know anyone who has ever heard of a person going to work when they still had the cast on, blah blah blah". When I was a school I remember kids breaking various appendages and coming to school with the cast on still. Come on! Fact is, I repeat, Hubby is a grown up and he can decide for himself. Indeed, I trust that he isn't rushing things. Rather unlike I would be doing. I'd probably have demanded to have the cast removed already, I'm so impatient.

Maybe I should ask Mum when Irene came back to work after her two ankle breaks? Irene's advice has been "make sure you do physio". She knows what she's talking about, having broken her ankle twice. What would Macleod say? Don't know if Macleod reads my bloggings...

I suppose in truth this post is an attack on my meddling mother-in-law, poorly disguised as news about Hubby's continuing recovery... :-\

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