Friday 29 September 2006

We can now go "official" in France

Our French marriage certificate arrived today finally. So now we can go "official" here. Of course, that means that I'll have to make up my mind on what my name's going to be ... No rush, right?

Round to Jo's tonight to celebrate his birthday, which was on Tuesday. Then it's the braderie (sort of yard sale/car boot sale thing) on Sunday morning. Early on Sunday morning. I need to seriously set aside time tomorrow to go through what we'll try and flog. Hope we make enough for a nice meal out!

Poor Hélène still not properly moved into her new flat. The painter and the plumber seem in absolutely no hurry to finish all the work. Lazy g1ts.

Been a busy week at work. I did the stats tonight before I left - September's figures are comparable to YTD. Which means we've been more productive than usual, as we're down to 2, and we have project management, daily admin, satisfaction surveys and all the rest to do on top of the translations. That's given me a boost because it's been pretty hectic all month.

Oh, and this is something I should already have posted: to those of you who pray, please remember Joffrey and Sophie Catteau who lost their son Elie last weekend.

And on that rather low note I'll leave it there for now. Be back on Sunday (maybe!) to gloat about how much easy cash we made. :)

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