Saturday 9 September 2006

S'me I'm back

Was just pondering this one, I really need to get into some new music. I mean, the trinity of Bob, Brooce and Bowie is all very well and all. But maybe I need some new stuff on my playlist. My iPod must be bored surely. I use that Pandora site and it's pretty good. Maybe I should set down a challenge to myself. I need to get at least one more artist onto my playlist by Christmas. Then I could maybe ask Santa for a CD and not a book.

A CD AND a book sounds better.

Talking of books, I went in Waterstone's last week. They had a 3 for 2. I was only going to buy one book. But as I was queuing I felt that it was too bad to waste the 3 for 2 opportunity. So I went and got two more to go with my one. I'll tell you what they're like.

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