Tuesday 5 September 2006

Plotting my return

We've been back in France since Sunday night. Was really hard to leave after this visit. I've been on the interweb looking at recruitment sites in Scotland!!

Wedding was great, it all went so quickly it's not fair. I wish I could do it again and get the time to have a proper chat with everyone. We really loved seeing everyone there it was the best time. We had fine weather, good food, a lovely service, great wine and champagne and the best wedding guests ever.

Barcelona was an interesting place. I've posted some pics on the magicalfairy site but there are many more to come. I need to get my SLR prints back and see if any of those are any good. Both our digital cameras ran out of batteries but that was *after* visiting Casa Batllo so disaster was averted.

Hubby went back to work yesterday but I took an extra couple of days off. Maybe the time would have been better spent sorting the house out and cutting the grass (looks like some sort of jungle out there - it must have rained LOTS here). But it's also been nice to do not much.

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