Sunday 22 February 2009

Maybe I don't really want to know

Well we're certainly not going to be moving our mortgage if the best rate the bank can offer is 5.3%! (wtf??) But it does look like we've decided which double glazing to have. One with two panes of glass.

As for time wasted on the interweb, the permanent answer is, of course, far too much. But if the interweb were not there, I'd find another way to procrastinate and not do the ironing, so...

I don't think toothpaste can go off. But the Sensodyne still tastes foul. I suppose it hasn't become more rank, which is something to be thankful for.

Valentine gifts: cufflinks. Me to him and him to me. Imaginative? Perhaps not, but useful.

Rugby... let's stay away from topics that get my hackles raised quite so much!

Mobile phone operator finally changed contract. Hurrah. Local council still has no gritter. But I did drive past a sort of roady-worky depot thing yesterday, and there was definitely a pile of grit. When I win the lottery, I will buy them a gritter as a benevolent gift.


Sally said...

ha ha. Imagine if you really did buy your local council a gritter. How bizarre would that be?!

Lis of the North said...

Well, Sally, the loto win would have to be the jackpot!