Sunday 8 February 2009

And I wonder, yes I wonder

Oh indeed, I wonder.

I wonder, will the bank call tomorrow with news of re-mortgaging? I wonder just how low we can beat the double glazing firms' prices down?

I wonder, how much time will I waste on the interweb this week? On Facebook in particular. Especially now me Mammy's on there.

I wonder, can toothpaste go off? You see, I bought some Sensodyne last year after having my wisdom teeth out, but it tastes so horrid I went back to my Colgate. And why does my sodding toothbrush seem to lose its battery charge so quickly?

I wonder, what should I get Hubby for Valentines' Day? What will he get me?

I wonder, or more I contemplate, that I've had to get my specs out to type this post. Oh, I could manage without, but it's much more comfortable with.

I wonder, will the rugby be good today? Will Scotland be useless or magnificent? How many minutes into the match before Hadden puts Paterson on?

I wonder, why do people think councils should invest in snowploughs costing 100 grand that will only be used once every 20 years. And, if councils did so, how long before the same people would complain about inappropriate spending decisions? I've lived here 8 years and never seen a gritter. But I have seen plenty frozen roads, and a fair bit of snow a couple of winters.

I wonder, will my mobile phone operator finally manage this month to change my contract plan like I instructed them to in December? Grr.


Sally said...

Do let us know the answers when you find out! :-)

Z said...

Sensodyne does taste horrid. I tried it years ago when my dentist was handing out free samples.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Sally. Some answers in new post.
Ah, Z that Sensodyne stuff is foul it is true. Plus I noticed the other day the supermarket that it's twice the price as a tube of Colgate. Twice the price and twice as horrible.