Saturday 28 February 2009

I'm all lost in the supermarket

Today I shopped. This is an event because usually Hubby takes care of the grocery shopping. I detest the supermarket and all the people contained therein. I also have an awful tendency to dawdle around the aisles comparing the prices on every item, reading the ingredients on all the labels and dithering over which product contains the least salt/fat/E numbers/whatever. Which makes the shopping take a very long time. Which in turn is probably a trigger for me detesting the supermarket. So all in all, Hubby doing the shopping is probably a good arrangement.

But anyway, I did it today. The supermarket was full of imbeciles as usual. It took sodding ages to buy 2 bagfuls of stuff. This is partly because I had to queue for aeons at the cheese counter. I probably didn't need to buy quite so much cheese, but it all looks so nice. Mmmm, cheese. After I'd got all the cheese, I shunned the crappy supermarket veg and grotty looking chicken pieces. Got those from the farm shop. Feel smug and ecomental for this, because my chicken pieces came from a chicken grower 30 miles away and not from the south west of France.

After all this shopping activity, I now have the makings of:
courgette, pine nut and balsamic pasta
chicken curry
asparagus risotto
baked trout with veg & noodle stir fry
duck confit
leek, tuna and flageolet rice
chicken stir fry
But I don't know what to do for lunch. Also am looking for a good (and relatively easy) recipe for panacotta (have some blackberries from the garden in the freezer that will go just nicely with that). Any tips?


Sally said...

No recipe tips, I'm afraid ... but all that food sounds lovely!

Z said...

When I start reading labels I usually can't bear to buy any of the food, so it's best to buy just the basic ingredients anyway. I don't buy fish, meat or vegetables from the supermarket as I prefer the butcher etc - better and cheaoer, as well as more local.

I love pannacotta, if it hasn't too much gelatine in. I like a bit of wobble. I use half milk, half cream to make it not so rich.

We had scrambled eggs for lunch. Salmon with pesto and pea risotto and green salad for dinner followed by Eton Mess.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Sally. Had the trout & veg stir fry last night. Was pretty good. Love them straight to wok noodles.
Z, hello. I know exactly what you mean about the ingredients. And yes, we only get our red meat from the butcher. But I do get chicken from the supermarket. Or the farm shop. I asked Google for a recipe, and found one on BBC Food (which is where I should've looked to start with!). Is made and setting. Will see.
Mmmm, scrambled eggs. I like them only just set. On multi-grain toast.

mishu said...
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mishu said...
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