Sunday 16 September 2007

Tag cloud

I have a tag cloud. Good, innit. If you want one, and your blog is hosted by Blogger, you can get one here. You have to tweak your template code a wee bit, but you get a tidy tag cloud for your effort and it's ever so easy really it is.

That has quite cheered me up considering Blogger is being bloody useless. Still no comments.


Ghosty said...

Alas, we using the old Blogger templates are without support. Sucks to be old fashioned. :(

Mya said...

I wondered what was going on with your blog - I wanted to leave a comment the other day...can't remember what it was now (something stupid no doubt!) I have new blogger and it's working fine. Although I'm considering switching to typepad - watch this space.
Mya x PS I've stuck you on my blogroll - sounds painful!

Lis of the North said...

Oh Ghosty it just plain sucks not to have all my linky bits displaying. As it were... ;)

Hey Mya. I looked at typespace yesterday. But didn't decide on anything. Don't know what to do...
Oh! I must tweak my template (!) and return the compliment. Have fun x

Anonymous said...

Nice cloud ! I tried to put one on my blog but couldn't because it's based on rss feeds and my blog host doesn't allow entire posts in the feed, so I tried but ended up with a very stupid cloud full of useless words like ça or le. :-)

Lis of the North said...

Hi Anna, Maybe you should try the one I used. I don't know which techno it uses but it was incredibly easy to set up. Take care :)