Saturday 1 September 2007

I'm really pretty useless you know...

That lovely girl Despina has been inspiring us all with tales of her summer in Prague, and has been duly recognised for the entertaining way she shares it all with us. And strange as it may seem, she has rather kindly picked out little tubby old still young-ish me for a:

Bless her darling little heart.

So, according to the rules, here are five blogs I think are worthy of some shameless patting-on-the-back and general congratulations. Here goes:

Jo is most definitely a charity blogger. She has even published a book of poetry, with all profits donated to Cancer Research.

Zhu in Canada definitely qualifies for Creative. I mean, just look at her blog. I love it, it's so distinctive and, well, creative.
Also, Ghosty's blog has such a neat look. Only a creative mind could have thought that up! Plus he once wrote a poem/song using the subject lines from the spam in his inbox. I think that is the most creative thing anyone has ever done with spam.

Jane easily qualifies for this one. And I'm especially well-placed to decide on this because I'm lucky enough to know her in real life(TM). And she's a great wee lassie.

Just go to Rachel's blog to find out why she so very much deserves this!

So there!


Boatwoman said...

Hi Lis.
Many, many, many thanks for the charity award.
I feel very honoured and will accept the award on behalf of all the poets who donated their poem to the book. All profits from the book are going to Cancer Research, so if anyone wants a copy of precious Moments please go to
I send you sincere hugsssssssssss. Jo xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this creative blogger award !

I wish I had a speech prepared but well, it's Saturday night and I really wasn't expecting the award (unlike these actors in Cannes or elsewhere).

So I'll just say thank, and I appreciate it... :$

Lis of the North said...

Jo & Zhu: the pleasure is all mine :)
Stay happy lovely ladies xx