Wednesday 20 December 2006

One day to go!!

And then I won't have to go to work for ... oh, quite a few days. Hurrah.

Have progressed no further with Christmas preparation. The house, which I did attempt to tidy and clean at the weekend, is back in its usual state. Hey ho. I have all day Friday to run around in circles I suppose.

My Amazon order has arrived already. One less Christmas gift to worry about. That reminds me - silly Hubby ordered books off some obscure French website, because he had a 10% discount and free delivery. He ordered them over a week ago and they still haven't shipped. Why he didn't go to Amazon I really don't know... Plus he got fleeced to the tune of 10 euros per book too!! Tsk. A word of advice - never buy books in France unless you really can't do otherwise. Or be prepared to pay well over the odds.

No sign of Dad's chicken. I hope at least the mouse mat will arrive on time.

In other news:

The car is making a funny noise. I think it needs a bearing in one of the rear wheels. I'm fairly sure it has already had the bearing in that same wheel replaced (it got one for the other wheel too at the same time because we're kind like that). Dad says I should take it to Renault and not Euromaster (kwik fit type people) because they'll fit a proper Renault part and it won't wear out as fast. True.

Just watching news 24. Some mean-spirited primary school teacher in Devon has told pupils that Santa doesn't exist so there's no point writing to him. I think that's really mean. Think I will switch channels now though because they're on about Shane Warne. Cricket is a sore point in this house! Still, Shane Warne is one heck of a bowler.

Ooh, talking of sport - we should check out if our trip to Scotland coincides with any 5 nations er 6 nations fixtures. Hmmm. I'll get my brother on to it.

I can hear Hubby upstairs sounding like he's tidying. It's making me feel a bit bad. I should maybe go and help. Ciao bye.

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