Tuesday 5 December 2006

129 all out

A dire 2nd innings in the 2nd test - a classic England collapse. Am starting to believe last summer's Ashes win was in fact a hoax.

In other news:
It's been another wild and windy day here. Somehow a few trees here and there are managing to clutch on to their last leaves, but another couple of days like today and all will be on the ground and naked trees abound until spring. At least it will keep the water tables replenished! Except it probably won't because of all the tarmac and no proper drainage... Hey-ho.

Hubby is at the supermarket (extra loyalty points on Tuesday). I gave him a list tonight, thought it was wiser. We don't need much stuff actually because we're away at the weekend, and round at Stéphan's on Thursday, so just for tomorrow in fact. Oh, and tonight.

The dog is curled up on my lap. She was angling for a stick but I think she's forgotten about it for just now.

Mum is having fun in Poland. She says there are lots of good shops. I think I need to go there. Or maybe not.

Have not progressed with Christmas shopping, except gifts for Super nephew and Carmen, which I'm having sent to parents' because Early Learning Centre only delivers to the UK. I did post a grand total of 3 Christmas cards today. I really must finish the rest of them and get myself to the post office. We also have all the French thank you cards to post. Hubby printed them last night.

Oh, Hubby has just appeared with two new electric toothbrushes. We are having to replace the current ones as it is impossible to get new brush heads for them. Which makes them a bit redundant.

Oh I know, I know: we ordered the dishwasher on Saturday! Did I already post this? Maybe. Anyway, it should get delivered next week sometime. Hurrah! An electronic maid. A new place to put dirty dishes.

Before I opened up the laptop to do this post I was thinking of lots of stuff to write, but I've forgotten it all now. It was clearly not at all important.

Right, 'm off, the dog wants to play. She has just brought her squeaky hippo toy and dropped it right in front of me. Bye-eee.

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