Sunday 31 December 2006

The house is so quiet

Just the three of us since Friday afternoon. I tried so very hard to get Mum and Dad to stay on for longer but they weren't having it. I suppose they couldn't change their boat tickets and it would have been a bit OTT to just lose them.

We went to Auchan in the morning and got cheese and odds and ends, then I sorted out their wine while Dad walked the dog and went to get Hubby. Off to the Maison Commune for a leisurely lunch, then they were gone. The dog has really been missing them and has looked for them the last two nights. We've been missing them too!

Still, tonight Hélène, Stéph and Jean-Charles are coming round are we're going to watch DVDs, and eat and drink too much. Hurrah.

In other news:

The car is fixed, it doesn't make a whirring noise anymore.

The dishwasher is a wonderful modern appliance that makes dirty dishes clean by magic.

My feet are cold.

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