Tuesday 3 October 2006

Found the iPod!

And guess where it was? Well, you won't guess I'll have to tell you. It was in my jacket pocket!! How crazy is that?? Last night we were round at Jean-Charles' and I was telling Hélène how I'd lost my iPod. She says, "what, the one that's in your coat pocket?". I lent her my jacket on Sunday and she said she'd felt something in the pocket, and, forgetting it wasn't her coat, stuck her hand in there expecting to find her phone. And she pulled out a "pink thing with an apple and iPod written on it". Of course, she didn't know I'd "lost" it, so she didn't mention it. Can't believe it. Hey, they only made one of me ;)

And on a completely different subject - I had an interesting meeting the UK marketing & communications manager today. I learned some stuff that has enabled me to say a big fat "told you so" to some self-righteous ... persons at work and I'm basking in the glow of being vindicated. It's nice from time to time when people get what's coming to them.

Am I mean?

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