Saturday 14 October 2006

Dog op scheduled for Friday 20 October

It's not actually displasia (my mistake) because the problem is her knee, not hip. But it's similar. Her left knee is in fact permanently dislocated, because the ball at the top of her tibia doesn't lock into the socket under her kneecap. And her knee cap just slips off the top of the whole assembly anyway.

So the vet is going to cut some bone away, add a new bit, put a pin in and strap some artificial ligament over the whole lot, which should mean her knee will then fit together like it's supposed to. Hurrah.

I know this is pathetic but it's quite daunting all of this. She has to go in at 8 on Friday morning, and we can stay with her while the vet puts her under. When the vet's receptionist said this I had tears in my eyes because in French they say "put her to sleep" (or send her to sleep I suppose). And that of course means something entirely different to my British ears! We can take her doggy blanket in so she has something familiar. Also, she'll need to have a lampshade on her head after because she's destructive and she'll pick her bandage to bits given half the chance. Poor Doggy!!

Other news:

Glad it's the weekend. Weeks would be alright if it weren't for those five days in them where one has to go to work, eh? Still, never mind.

Cold is colonising my throat now. It's not really on the move, just expanding its territories. Need to do something about that.

Spoke to me brother last night. That was nice. He has a blog. Well he has two, but he's forgotten what he called the first one. D'oh. Click here to see his new one. I will be lobbying him for photos.

Spent some money yesterday! That was nice too but probably only in my opinion. Bank probably feels differently ;) I bought a blouse and two tops from Esprit. Blue. All three of them. Also tried on two skirts. One was just not right. The other, a dark chocolate coloured cord skirt, looked fantastic with the tops. But I don't have any suitable shoes (black just don't go). I *did* see some boots that would go perfectly. But I had set myself a budget and didn't want to overspend, so no skirt and no boots. And then when I told Mum about it, she said I should get the skirt and boots and one of them could be my birthday present. Yay! Mum understands these things you see.

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