Sunday 22 October 2006

A book a day

OK, a book a day is a bit ambitious, I admit. Having said that, I'd love to have the time to read a book a day.

Today's book is The Beckoning Silence by British mountaineer Joe Simpson. Some of you may know of Joe through his first book Touching The Void, which was adapted to film a few years ago (and will maybe be the book of another day). His fourth (?) book deals with his decision to quit mountaineering. Too many of his friends are dead and he feels the whole game is getting beyond him. But before hanging up his crampons for good, Simpson decides to have a crack at that most mythical of mountains - The Eiger.

I really really like this book. It's quite introspective, it's mature, it's a bit nostalgic, it's just a good read. So have a read.

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