Monday 4 January 2010

Time to get this party started

Right! The fellow who will be assessing my career/choices/skills/strengths/entire life with me just called and my first appointment is on Wednesday. Are you excited too?

In other news:

Back at work today. Let's not talk about that.

Baltic in Scotland, Baltic here in France too. Still, no snow in our part of France which is a relief for 2 reasons: 1/ I can't be doing with any more snow; 2/ The French are quite crap at salting/ploughing/gritting and generally keeping the roads clear. I thought it was just me who held this view, having grown up in Scotland were car bodywork lifetime is severely compromised from all the salt the cooncils sling on the roads every winter, but French people would appear to agree that there is "un problème". As my father-in-law said yesterday, the weather forecasters foretell snow, the whole nation knows snow is coming, and the highways people awaken in the morning, open their curtains, and say "oh, it's been snowing!".



Anonymous said...

No snow is definitely a blessing, like you say, I just can't picture my fellow Frenchmen dealing with it properly!

That's from the Canadian me ;-)

Our snow bank is officially taller than me. Yeah!

the fly in the web said...

I like one day of snow, so that the dog can run about...but that's it.
I think the problem on the road is the nervous driver in front who crawls so slowly that not only does he lose traction, so do I!

Brennig said...

Is the consultant a freebie or do you have to pay for him?

Lis of the North said...

Zhu I have the utmost respect for you north American residents who deal with the white stuff for months on end! It's all gone here now.
Yes, fly one day is good. A Sunday, for example ;)
Brennig the consultant is being paid, but not by me. The French are quite enlightened about life-long learning stuff, and all companies pay a tax (another one!) into a fund which then finances adult training. Such as career assessments. And that's how mine's being funded. Yay.