Saturday 25 April 2009

How long has this been going on?

This week I made a long overdue visit to Next's website. Was intending to pick out a couple of tops and maybe jeans that Mum could bring over for me next month. But, what's this on the page footer? What are these flags of various EU countries? Could it be? Yes it is. Oh joy! Next deliver to France!

It's very sad, I do realise, that something so frivolous should bring about such glee, but clothes retailers in France are shite. Choose from cheap H&M fashion, or unaffordable couture chic. There really doesn't seem to be a middle-of-the-road option. Now I can indulge my retail habit from exile. Yay. Of course, spending money on Next online means less to spend on Pink shirts and Carvela shoes in Edinburgh, but hey.

In other news:
The small car passed its MOT, as I was expecting but much to doubting Hubby's surprise. Apparently there's a little bit of play in one of the shock absorbers. I said to the guy, "well, they've never been changed, so...". He was so surprised he even said to the mechanic, "look at this! 186,600 km and never changed the shocks!" Yes, Mr Man, that's because I slow down over speed bumps.

We went to the DIY store to buy salt for the water softening whatsit. Expensive salt: we paid €113!! Because Hubby said I could have some plants for the garden. [Grin] Bought plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, some flowers, some wooden edging things for the bit next to the raspberry canes that I would like to turn into a vegetable patch... And some other stuff.

We've chosen our translation management server system and work, and the techy issues that were looking dodgy have been or are currently being resolved. Now the fun starts, with pre-project workflow analysis, settings definition, installation, deployment, training and change management!

Hubby is away playing shoot'em up PC games all weekend. I'm hoping the rain stays away so I can grub in the mud and take Doggy for W's. If it doesn't, I have plenty ironing to keep me busy.


Sally said...

Yay for Next!!

Anonymous said...

I love Next!

I agree, in France, there is either cheap and tiny like Pimkie (I say tiny because I think the main target are young teens, sizes look extremey small!), or expensive stuffs like Benetton, Levis etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big H&M fan. Or, I was until recently, when I realized I had to look all corporate and grown-up for my job. Rats.

Vicky said...

I soooo hope they'll start delivering to Switzerland soon! Stupid country, why isn't it in the EU?!

Lis of the North said...

Yay indeed for Next Sally. Am most pleased.
Ah Zhu I did recently spend an obscene amount of money at Galéries Lafayette. But it was for an outfit to a posh wedding so I'm allowed ;)
I like H&M too Ghosty, but some of their stuff doesn't really last well I find.
Vicky Indeed, I think they only deliver to the EU. Silly Swiss!

mishu said...
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