Monday 20 October 2008

I could be wholesome, I could be loathsome

Was pleased to see a post from Sugar007 when I checked Google Reader the other day. Was even pleaseder when I realised I could pilfer her excellent post idea.

So here's the drill: use your blog as a therapeutic platform through which you can fess up to your biggest and ugliest and most wartiest personality traits. I have no idea if airing your dirty linen on the virtual washing line in such a manner goes any way to helping you curb your worst excesses, but I do believe it's probably a good exercise in honesty.

These are the things about me that I like to pretend aren't real:
  • I'm terribly selfish. I'm awful at sharing. Not so much material things, but I'm dire at sharing people. Don't know if that makes senses, but I understand me.
  • I would love to be tidy. I like my house when I have just finished cleaning and tidying. I wish I was more disciplined and I could make it stay that way.
  • I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And a bit of a megalomaniac too. I'm learning to control this. I'm learning to be satisfied with something just being "done", and not necessarily "done brilliantly" or (and here is the rub) "done my way to my standards".
  • I am organisationally-challenged. I'm truly useless at organising so much as a birthday card. Lots of birthday cards that I send arrive about two weeks' late. It's pathetic.
  • If I suspect I'll make a hash of something, or not be able to do it in an astoundingly perfect manner, I might just duck out of doing it at all.
  • I'm argumentative.
  • I'm the world's most impatient driver. I hate people who don't indicate on roundabouts with a deep and rather ugly passion. If I had a James Bond car, I'd blow them up with my missiles. I mean, I really truly hate these people.
  • I can be judgemental and I really hate it. Really, really, really.
  • I'm a rather lapsed Christian. I'd like to have more faith in my Faith.
  • I sulk.
  • I'm crap at managing my money. I have internet banking and everything, but I only have a vague idea of how much of my salary is left in my account at any time. I'm shit at budgeting. I'm sure if I learned to save and manage my cash I could pay my credit card off pretty quickly. And not use it.
But on the positive side, when I say I'm sorry I truly mean it.

There! I don't know if I feel better having picked out all the ugly bits of me, but I'm not editing the list or tweeking it. I'm just gonna hit the publish post button.


Anonymous said...

I totally get the first one because I know exactly what you mean from one non-sharer to another. Glad you joined the confessional club, i almost pressed the delete button too but thought sod it!!!! Hope all is well.

Brennig said...

I really love this list. :)

Jane said...

Blogger doesn't like me today. 2nd time lucky...

And we love you. List an' all.

J xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I can identify with all but two of those statements: I'm quite a patient driver. I don't like moronic drivers (including those who don't indicate on roundabouts), but I don't mind when people drive slowly, as I tend to do that myself...

And I don't tend to be argumentative. Unless I'm completely convinced that I'm right and actually care... :-)

Lis of the North said...

Hi sugar, fellow non-sharer ;) I sort of perversely enjoyed this. Thanks for the idea!
Hmmm Brennig is that good or bad?!
Jane I can't imagine why Blogger wouldn't like you any day! Love you too x
Hi Vicky, thanks for the visit. I truly wish I could be a more patient driver. I think my blood pressure would surely be better if I was!