Monday 20 October 2008

But I would walk 500 miles

Well, I wouldn't walk 500 miles to walk my dog, but we did take a two hour drive yesterday just to take her to the beach at Fort-Mahon! What can I say, she likes that beach. And incidentally we stopped in to see Stéphan who was there for the weekend.

Enjoyed a bracing walk, watched learner kitesurfers

Kitesurfers learning

Went out for dinner just in time to catch the sunset

Fort Mahon sunset

Had moules frites (mussels and chips) for dinner, then whizzed home and aahed at a lovely waning hunter's moon on the way.



kennamatic said...

Hi, found you through Brit Bloggers. I was at Fort Mahon beach earlier this year watching the kite surfers. It looks like fun but I'm unlikely to ever try it.

Oh, and I'm as jealous as anything cos your living in France and that's where I would like to be.

Jane said...

Lovely pics sweetie! Cuddle doggie for me?


Anonymous said...

Nice! I haven't been to a beach in so long... It's actually the #1 thing I miss in Canada. I grew up in Brittany and we were never far from the sea.

Lis of the North said...

Hello kennamatic, thanks for stopping by. I'm with you on the kitesurfing - looks interesting but there ain't no way I'm doing it! I have tried land yachting though and that was a laugh.
Jane, you total babe! When will it be Christmas so I can come home?! Cuddle Doggy - done that. She enjoyed it. ;)
Coucou Zhu. I guess you're quite a ways from any beaches now! You know I actually prefer beaches in autumn/winter. Fewer people. I'm bad at sharing!