Monday 14 April 2008

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Three weeks ago we spent a weekend in the Champagne region with Hubby's family. It was most pleasant. We visited the museum of wine and vines which was most interesting, we went to a champagne capsule collectors' fair (more about that in another post), and Hubby and I supported the local economy by purchasing some of the produce of the land ;)

Anyway, the point is not that, the point is my stepmother-in-law runs gîtes (cottages, basically) at the farm. They have converted old farm workers' dwellings and stable buildings into some very charming little cottages for holiday lets. And C was telling us about the course she's been on to improve her website and how to reference it. And I said that I would add a link from the blog. Which I have duly done. And I'm sticking another one in this post for good measure.

So if you are ever looking for a quiet place to stay just south of the Loire valley, where you can enjoy walks and bicycle rides in the country, try your hand at some fishing or pick up the tourist trail to the châteaux, try the Gîtes de Courmain!


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Lis, the site is great and the gites look lovely! These are exactly the kind of gites that my childhood holidays in France were spent in, which means that they are right up my parents' alley. Shall definitely pass this site onto them as they are looking for somewhere to holiday this summer and as their darling daughter is going to be living in France, well, where else would they go!

Anonymous said...

I agree, looks lovely. I keep the link for a future trip maybe...

Thanks for supporting France's economy! :D Don't drink it all at once ;)

Anonymous said...

Je connais un peu ce coin-là car mon "ex" français vient du Loir et Cher! (d'un petit village pas très loin de Vendôme).

Is that where your hubby is from, too?

Lis of the North said...

You must all book a stay in the gîtes! It's so peaceful there and relaxing.
Ah SG, you know of the Loir et Cher! Hubby was born in Romorantin, mais il a grandit à Blois.

Anonymous said...

How funny! Maybe they know each other .... now that would be strange!

Have you/ has he heard that French song ... "Ma famille habite dans le Loir et Cher" ...?!