Thursday 3 January 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 bring only good things to you and those you love.

It's snowing! What is it about snow that makes one shiver with excitement (providing one is not embarking on a road journey of any length)? It's the memory of days off school and sledging and snowball fights. Ah, the magic of snow. It can make even scabby old Midlothian look nice ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, those smowy childhood memories!! What about those infuriating days when kids from Pathhead, Fala and Soutra, got to go home early from school in case the got snowed out? Oh, the injustice.

Seriously though, glad at least you can sit back at enjoy the scenic wonders of Midlothian while waiting for mechanical miracles to happen.

Stay warm and toastie! Jxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't return. But glad you're still here, if that makes sense.

Willie xx