Sunday 14 October 2007

Tea restrictions crisis averted

It's going to be OK, I can sleep soundly at night (well, I can't, but at least the risk of an impending tea shortage won't be the cause of my nocturnal awakenings). I found some Famous Edinburgh tea in the cupboard. Hurray.

This means I can indulge my tea habit with gay abandon because I definitely have sufficient supplies to last until our next trip north. As you can imagine, this is good news indeed, for a Lis without tea is like a car without petrol. It just doesn't function.

I must also learn a lesson from this brush with disaster - bigger tea stocks required. Obviously my TRP (like materials requirement planning, only for Tea) system needs to be looked at, as my consumption forecasts are all wrong. Surely better to have slightly too much tea than not enough. And anyway, if you find that tea stock lifetime is a bit too high, you can easily increase turnover by upping tea drinkage, thus enabling clearance of any ageing tea stock that might be getting dangerously near its BB. Actually that never happens. Surely? How could that happen? How could anyone keep tea for so long it gets to its best before?

Whatever. Looks like this post has turned a bit odd. Work is invading, with its stock lifetimes and components forecasts. Poo!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I am so relieved for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Phew, I was worried there for a moment. Thought we were going to have a rampaging Lis on our hands :-) I am having a similar crisis with my Boots tea tree and witch hazel face wash.I have my suspicions that my flatmate is depleting my supply. His face seems to have an extra something about it!!

Anonymous said...

I should stock chocolate the same way. I always seem to run out late at night.... when I need it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I feel so much better to know that you won't be without tea. ;-)
I can be much like that, only with coffee. Or Indian food. Rogan Josh paste, for exemple. :-)

Mya said...

That was a close one. Here's the formula for working out tea consumption -
number of cups a day x 10 x 50 x300 x56

If you follow that, you'll be fine.
Mya x

sylvie d said...

You must be in Scotland as "we speak"
Just wanted to say hello and congratulations, you are on MY Fab Five this week on Fuelmyblog's blog ;-)