Friday 6 July 2007

Desperately seeking ... français

Spurred into action by a simple query from Stratford Girl, I'm on the hunt for (good) French blogs to (potentially) add to my blogroll over at Excuse My French. I have decided that I must put more effort into my French blogging, and maybe having some decent blogs to look in on will motivate me. Or maybe not.

Still, it's worth a try. Send in your suggestions on the back of a postcard to: well, to the comments form, probably would be best.


pierre l said...

I have decided to visit after seeing your comments on stratfordgirl. Even though French was my original language, I don't think there is a single French-speaking blog that I visit regularly.
Although the judgement part was written in rather tiring legalese, I found Maître Eolas's views on the Petite Anglaise case very readable (see the link at comment #10 on the post called "triangles" at
I discovered nearly all the blogs I read by following interesting comments. It has been suggested that most French blogs are about politics, but I'm not sure how true that is.
Your blog looks fascinating and I shall be back!

Anonymous said...

il me semble que beaucoup de tes lecteurs sont francophones, alors pourquoi pas créer un blogosphere alternatif - en francais?
je n'écris jamais en francais, je m'excuse maintenant! et je parle en tcheque tout le temps ici.
mais je pense que t'es tres amusant et j'aime le facon dont tu utlises l'anglais!

Lis of the North said...

Greetings Pierre! Thanks for popping by for a visit. Thank you also for the "piste" to Maître Eolas's blog.

Oh Miss D tu parles français en plus. Mais tes talents ne connaissent aucune limite ?? Hé hé, moi je te trouve très amusante aussi ma belle. And I'm impressed because you're living in Prague and learning Czech.

Anonymous said...

Merci de m'avoir ajoutée même si j'ai bien peur d'être une "fausse" Française, devenue Canadienne entre temps et irrémédiablement accro à écrire en anglais !

Bien compliqué ce monde multilingue... non ? ;-)