Wednesday 25 April 2007

Failed your driving test? Just thump the examiner

It would appear there has been a dramatic increase in assaults on driving examiners (SoS article). What happens is, potential new drivers sit their test, it turns out they don't know how to drive, so they get a big fat fail. And they thump the examiner because they don't agree.

I must be missing something here. What is happening to us? In the ... 11 short years since I sat my test, have the yoof changed so much for the worse that now, when faced with someone who doesn't give you what you want/expect/think they deserve, they now just swing for them? I don't understand it. Theories vary on the reasons, but the fact is that we (I say we, but I'm not included because the only lout I've raised is my dog) have raised a generation of monstrous young adults who react with violence when faced with someone who refuses them what they think they should have. With reactions like this, imagine and cower in terror at the carnage on the roads there will be when these horrible individuals do pass their tests and get behind the wheel...

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