Wednesday 21 February 2007

A "bus" and the NHS ...

The day started with an adventure as Hubby and I travelled into Edinburgh on the "bus". The reason for this being my hair appointment which was at nine. Dad was quite adamant that this "bus" thing would be faster into town than the car. I'm not quite sure how because the places where the traffic jams were had no bus lanes, so I don't see how it was quicker than a car, but whatever. Mum assured me that you can't catch anything on the "bus" so it's OK. Anyway, had caramel highlights put in too because they were doing an offer of 40% off colour in February. Am pleased.

Hubby and I then went to John Lewis and purchased oven gloves and a standy up cheese grater. Exciting. There we bumped into Anne which was a lovely surprise. Her tummy is very full of baby #3, who is due on 17 March. She looked well and was excited about her wedding plans. However, she'd received notice from her employer (by email, which they are not allowed to do!) that the store where she works is closing and that they are all out of a job, just three weeks before she was due to go on maternity leave. Didn't really have time to talk further about that but sounded a bit unfair!

We travelled on another "bus" to come back home. It stopped at evil Tesco.

On return home I called NHS direct or 24 or whatever they are called and unsurprisingly they said that yes Hubby would need a tetanus injection just to be on the safe side, and no it couldn't really wait until we went back to France. So Dad kindly drove us to the Emergency dept at the infirmary and Hubby had his first encounter with the NHS. We waited for less than an hour, if you can believe that! Waited in the sweltering heat, I might add. If they turned the heating down in hospitals I can think of two major benefits: the reduced heating bill would probably eliminate NHS debt; and the germs wouldn't breed quite so well.

In the evening we headed back into Edinburgh and got caught out by some surprise road works that had appeared since morning. Grrr. We went round to Willie's then up to Broughton Street and Kushie's for a rather pleasant curry.

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