Sunday 26 July 2009

Hungry bird of prey

Having spent probably half an hour hiding behind a heap of hedge cuttings, listening to our garden shrew rustling in the ivy and waiting for her (French word for shrew is feminine, so she's a she) to emerge into the open, the snap below is all I have to show for my efforts. A shrew's behind. The rear of a shrew. If I were a bird of prey, I'd be a hungry one.

Rear of a shrew

Now that I (and, more importantly, the camera) have come back indoors, the little so-and-so is very probably busy frolicking the sun. Pah!

Still, I am quite pleased to have a shrew in the garden. I have even suspended my vegetable patch extension works for fear of having disturbed its nest. Having a shrew (or shrews) in the garden makes one feel virtuous. Why, I have a wildlife-friendly garden. No, it's not just that I have let that bit along by the hedge get a bit overgrown and all untidy. It's wildlife-friendly don't you see? Plus they will hopefully keep the slug population down. And hopefully not be eaten by the local owl.


the fly in the web said...

So now I know what to call the bits of garden I really don't want to get round to....thank you, wildlife friendly is a Godsend

Ghosty said...

Look as I might, I do not see a shrew's rear. I see a lot of leaves and such. That bird of prey's eyes must be much better than mine. *squints*

Lis of the North said...

Hello fly, yes indeed "wildlife friendly" is a most useful invention... ;)
Oh Ghosty my photography isn't that bad surely?