Monday 1 December 2008

Possibly the worst postal service in the world

Let me tell you a story. Last weekend I ordered a whole pile of Christmas gifts. I ordered them all on off the interweb, feeling smug as I went. All items but one were purchased from UK-based sites and have all since been delivered to my parents' address.

One item was ordered from Logically, I had it sent here to our house. I received confirmation of despatch on Monday. So today, a week later, I thought I'd have a wee look on the parcel tracking to find out what was what. And to my indignant disgust (but, tellingly, not to my surprise), I find that the useless f**king incompetent wasters at La Poste seem to think they knocked on our door on Thursday. They say we weren't in and they left a wee note to say we had a parcel. I say they are lying f**king wasters. They also claim that the parcel is now awaiting collection in "Bureau de Poste - Villeneuve d'Ascq" and that I have been advised of its presence there. I say again that they are no-good f**king shitfaces. I never received the wee note advising of a parcel. And there are 4 (count 'em) post offices in Villeneuve d'Ascq. You'd think that La Poste would know that. But clearly we are dealing with a crowd of utter morons who cannot tell their collective arse from their collective elbow, so we can't expect too much now can we?

I shall be visiting my wrath upon La Poste tomorrow. I shall visit my wrath upon them by telephone first, in the vain hope that if I give their complaints department (I hope they have plenty staff, probably very busy in this department) the tracking number, they'll be able to identify which bureau de poste has my parcel.

Maybe this is what has happened to the other 3 parcels we've been waiting for since the beginning of November? The brainless shitbags probably buggered up delivering them also.

And what pisses me off even more is that, while the lobotomised dimwits have been fannying around with *my* stuff, they somehow managed to get their collective finger out and safely deliver a massive parcel to Hubby. I see, national preference is it?

I'm sick of living in a third world country. Harrumph.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh Lis I sooooo feel your pain! WHat the feck is going on with la poste?

I ordered a t shirt from vente privee at the end of October and here we are in December and there's no sign of it! SO I look on the web to see what's up with the package and it says it's been delivered AND SIGNED FOR! SO not true! I've passed it onto my belle mere to deal with because she's good at these kinds of things but seriously that really annoys me!

SO all that just to say I feel your pain! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, it is FRANCE.

Joking aside, I think there is some class that all postman (postpeople?) take about delivering packages. It goes like this: Walk up to door, lightly knock, wait two seconds and then leave note saying you were not home. Happened to me today with DHL.

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

as Susanna just said it's not just a "poste" thing

DHL seems to be just as efficient.

Must be a french thing.
Royal Mail on the contrary ...

Lis of the North said...

Princesse this is a disgrace! You must let me know how your belle maman gets on sorting that out. It's shameful!!
Royal Mail do a similar delivery thing to DHL, Susanna, which my Mum was on the receiving end of the other week. It goes thus: leave the parcel at the sorting office (!!) and then leave the customer a note saying "I had a parcel, but it was too big for your letterbox".
Cheeky sods!
Hello "Anon". I think I shall launch a survey to determine which country has the best postal service. It will probably be... Latvia. Or somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Canada actually have a pretty good service. China as well, surprisingly, mail can be delivered the same day in Beijing!

But la Poste sucks. A while ago, my dad was working in Paris and he would mail his monthly cheque to my mum who had stayed in Nantes, (he couldn't deposit it because there were no Crédit Agricole bank in Paris). Well, it could take from two days to... two weeks. My mum got pissed off more than once!

Sally said...

Nice rant, don't think I have read you that angry before!! :-)

I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a book I ordered from So far no sign even though it was 'shipped' the day after I ordered it, apparently. They have happily taken my mooney though. Arrghghghg.

Lis of the North said...

Zhu I'm very impressed with the idea of letters being delivered on the same day! I can sympathise with your Mum let me tell you!
Sally this rant made me feel so much better, even if it didn't find my parcels. Having said that, got 2 parcel notes through the door this week... could it be??
Any sign of your book yet?

Mark Stewart said...

You think you have it bad, try, the Spanish national post service. They don´t deliver when they are too busy or they can´t be bothered. Today I had to go looking for my postman, only to find him sitting in a cafe (without the post bag). They seem to thing that URGENT means leave it in the post office until I go looking for it (then to be told they don´t have it - So i instruct them that I will not leave until they do find it - guess what they found it !).

The SPANISH postal service are the lazyiest B******s I´ve ever encountered ... and it´s as if it´s MY fault they don´t deliver ... they don´t even bother to leave a little note saying they have been (they dont even ring the bell and I work at home !)

I´ve been so angry lately with them, I´ve started to use DHL etc, the normal post service is phenominally sht!

I canalso say that any complaints that people have with Royal Mail .. they are nothing beleive me, try living in Spain for a couple of years and you will see what LAZY USELESS TOERAGS postal workers can be !

Lis of the North said...

Oh dear Mark I think indeed the Spanish win out over the French for uselessness in postal services. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

The postal service in France is by far the worst in the world, 3rd world countries have an excuse that the infrastructure is missing but in France they are just ignorant, La Poste workers have a job for life and don’t care about customer service.
3 times in the last 2 months I have had a small parcel sent to me from the UK and only once did it arrive (after I picked it up from the post office 2 weeks after it was sent), every time it was sent by priority post, which by the way is supposed to be as quick if not quicker than airmail (2 – 3 days), but not in France, they seem to wait until they have a bunch of post for an area before dispatching it and if the postman doesn’t fancy taking the lift he leaves a note (if you are lucky) or just returns it saying the address was incomplete, despite the address being exactly the same on all 3 occasions. I would not even rate this a 2nd world country, the service levels are unacceptable but everyone seems to put up with it here. And it is not just the postal service, ever tried to have something delivered (at a high cost) by IKEA, just as useless and they all blame each other; nobody takes responsibility for anything, shocking!

Anonymous said...

Think you have it bad? Move to Italy then you'll really see what bad postal service is.

Anonymous said...

They just did this to me today. Fucking retarded morons, they knocked on my door a left after 15 seconds. Pieces of shit, bastards. I even shouted to them so they could get back.

Anonymous said...

I have been selling on ebay and shipping to many countries around the world, I would confirm everything that is said here.

France and Italy has the worst postal service among 35 countries I have been dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh......someone suffering the same pain!!! I hear you!!
I bought a poster online from UK a month in advance of a birthday. La poste claim they could not find the address (the one they deliver to every day) and sent it back to UK! It took 3 weeks to get back to the UK and they told the supplier it had been delivered so they would not make a claim and I had to pay for delivery again. A week after that I send a parcel from France to UK 3 day recorded international delivery, just checked the online status more than a week after sending and it is still in France!!! It stayed in my local post office for the first 3 days!! Ahhhh....just needed to vent!!

Anonymous said...

Italy has defenetly the worst post service I have seen in all different countries I lived!

Unknown said...

South Korea has the best postal service in the world i guess.....they are so fast...the delivery man will wait for you at ur door steps, if you arent there, he would call your mob and he would wait and deliver it to you. They also use lots of online shopping through mobiles. I rem buying a laptop online in 2006 and it was delivered promptly.

I stay in korea and I am planning to send a courier (old used cloths / jackets) back to korea just to save extra baggage money from airline. will lapost deliver it on time? will there be any problem ? even if it takes 1 month, its not a problem since they are used cloths, but they have to make sure that it is delivered. Will they ?

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Anonymous said...

You think that the Spanish and french postal services are bad (which I know they are) you should come to Portugal. Slow is not the word, more STOPPED!

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