Monday 18 August 2008

The latch on the bathroom door is broke

My idle mind might not quite be the devil's workshop but it's definitely a never-ending source of "how about we do this?" ideas. And would you believe it I actually managed to gain approval when I submitted the latest one to the committee of the Hubby? Well I did. And what is my latest hair-brained scheme? A new bathroom. Ta-dah!

We bought this house 6½ years ago. The year following purchase we got someone in to do a quote for a new bathroom. They quoted us over €3,000 for a new everything. You might think "ah, not bad", but our bathroom measures 2.5 sq m and we weren't having the floor re-tiled (just the walls). The plan to re-do the bathroom quietly died.

So anyway, I got this idea in my head that if I bought some tile paint & primer, I could paint the wall tiles and update the room a bit. And then when I went of my way while I was on the way to the DIY store to buy salt for our water softening thing, I stopped at the bathrooms & kitchens store and picked up a catalogue. And when I got home I took out my tape measure and got a pencil and bit of paper. And you know where this is heading.

Being that we have a microscopic bathroom, I flicked past the pages with walk-in showers big enough to host a cocktail party in and the fetching double-basin consoles to seek out the "compact" lines. So whaddya think? Except we like the mocha laquer finish and a gloss white countertop. Also I'm wondering about the wisdom of a glass basin. Won't I be wiping it down all the time? So we'd like one of those, a matching wall cupboard, and a new shower. A proper shower with a ceramic shower tray and glass shower doors. And a nice cream & coffee colour scheme going on with the walls.

We went at lunchtime to have it all priced properly (because of course, they sell you a tap for €155, but the flexi pipes to link it to your hot & cold water cost extra!!). And we asked them to quote for fitting while we were at it. It would seem Hubby and I have made a major career-choice error. We should be bathroom fitters. Going on their quote, it's a nice little earner so it is. Which means probably I'll just plead (shouldn't take much) with me Dad to come and help us.

Now I'm really excited about having a new bathroom. Hubby will probably announce we won't be getting a new bathroom until January by which time I won't want one anymore. Hope not. Can't wait!

And it will all cost less than one euro grand.


Ghosty said...

We just redid the upstairs bathroom in my house. Much less a DIY project, and more a session of hair-pulling tension and oh-my-god-we-shot-the-pooch-on-this-project-again.

It turned out really nice. Only took us a year and a half, too.

Jane said...

Ooo, exciting! Having just been very nice to my daddy so that he would "help" me with my new kitchen I can see where you are going with this! Likewise it didn't take much arm twisting as I think the old one had been frustrating my dad as much as it had me. Or maybe it was just my wingeing about the old one that was frustrating!
Good luck with it all!
(By the way have news - will email!)

Lis of the North said...

Oh ghosty don't say that!! I think project bathroom has been in progress for ... three (maybe four?) weeks now. I also hope it will be finished next week.
Hey Jane babes. Dad was a big heap of help and we now have a lovely towel ladder radiator and toasty towels. :)
PS - had an ace time back home. It's getting harder and harder each time we have to leave.

john smith said...

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