Wednesday 11 June 2008

Relax, take it easy

Following Mika's orders to the letter down here in sunny Ardeche. Hubby and I are so definitively addicted to thei nterweb, we have sought out a McDonald's and have scoffed a muffin and pulled out the laptops. Read laptops, Hubby's using mine and I have swiped Mum's. QWERTY keyboard is requiring some acclimatisation after so many years in France!

Anyway, Hubby at least has an excuse. He has a phone interview Friday am, and needs to get the job spec off his email. I just can't stay away from the interweb!! Thought I'd grab the chance to say a big blog hello. Holidays are very much fun though no kayaking has been done thus far. Will tell all on my return.

Slobbery cyber kisses to you all. xx


Mya said...

I'm not quite sure how you are managing to get sunburn. I think I might come and join you in the Ardeche. Weather's shite down here.
Keep on enjoying your hols!

Mya x

Brennig said...

Sunnyburny here, muchly so, oh yes. But have a nice hol.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same when I travel now, I always try to connect whenever I get a chance! :D

But not in Macdonalds... can't stand the food and don't want fries in my keyboard!

Lis of the North said...

Mya! Mate! Well, we did have one day of solid rain (never seen that before in the Ardèche!) and a couple of thunder showers. But I think summer has come at last. Enjoy it!

Brennig don't tell me it's sunnyburny in Britain ;) The rules are: it rains and is cold in your main place of residence while you are away basking in the sun. Of course, Britain isn't my main place of residence. But nevermind.

Coucou Zhu! We did try to find somewhere other than MacDo, but I don't think the wifi revolution has quite extended to cover the south of the Ardèche yet. Still, we'll monitor progress next year I hope!!