Monday 4 February 2008

I want to be alone

I am sick fed up to the back teeth with everyone and everything. I'm going to take Doggy and hide in a hole under a tree and I'm not coming out again until everyone has GONE AWAY.

Blog friends are excluded, of course, but everyone else must leave the planet immediately because you are all pissing me off and making me upset. Go on, get out of it.

See you all later when the horrible people have gone xx


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie. I wish more than ever I could Have come to see you this week. If you need me you know where I am. Hope a hug from Doggy is helping to make you feel better.

Ghosty said...

Boo, that sounds poopy. :(

Blog friends excluded! Whoo-hoo! *does a crazy dance in your tree hole* ... erm, ok, that didn't sound too kosher.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Hope all the horrible people have gone by the time you read this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stupid people and world and things and things people say and do and all the pooey pooey pooeyness of it all...
If you and Doggy need company, I'm sure Suze and I could sniff you out.
But seriously Lis, hope things get less horrid soon xx

Mya said...

Hi there matey! I really do hope that life has become a little sweeter since you posted - sometimes the best thing you can do is go off with your dog for a bit and let everyone else get on with it. You do sound busy. Don't they do the 35 hour week round your way? Hope things improve, like PDQ!

Mya x

Lis of the North said...

Hello lovelies!
You know I think this post had a magic effect on work at any rate. The week after I sulkingly withdrew to the hole under the tree, word must have got round that I wasn't in the mood for any crap, and all was quiet on the Outlook front. :)
Hope all you guys are good xx