Monday 20 November 2006

France effing Telecom!!

We got a letter today from the world's most mishap-prone telecom company - France Telecom, informing us that they had effectively taken note of our cancellation of that special offer for unlimited calls practically anywhere for not-much-per-month. Except we never asked to cancel it... Turns out that the fool who entered the subscription activation on 6 October didn't do his job properly and so the damn thing never got activated. Now given that I thought we had unlimited calls, I have been calling unlimitedly. So who agrees that the rather massive phone bill we are about to receive (and will not be paying) should be docked from this chap's wages? His name is Jean-Jacques Jacquet. I will be finding out where he lives so I can organise a campaign to make his life a misery (as if working at France Telecom wasn't punishment enough).

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